Frenchie Mom

Follow my journey of life with the sweetest French Bulldog, Jessi.

Less than a week old, Jessi is adorable and loved more than anything.

She was born October 15th, 2018 and we are already insufferably in love with the peanut. I am so grateful for our breeder, Justyne, who made the process simple, straight-forward, and comfortable for me. I will get into the nightmare that is finding a breeder in a separate post.


She’s my buddy. On so many levels, J is here to keep me level. I do better as a human if someone is dependent on me, and E can take care of himself, so he only counts sometimes. She keeps me grounded when my emotions get in the way of reality.

I hope to document many pieces of her life here, but I may get too busy living that life with her. I promise photos will always be available on Instagram, so follow her @jessi_thefrenchie