the new tote. my latest find.

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Disclaimer: I may have received this product for free or at a discount in return of a review. All of the opinions are my own.


I practically tripped upon this Baheel tote. I’ve been on the hunt for a tote in the back of my car. The backseat is notorious for collecting stuff. Stuff that does not remotely belong in my car. There are sweatshirts and scarves, not to mention the bits of trash that just seem to collect. I have looked online for a tote, but could never find one that seemed right. I drive a Nitro and have plenty of space, it seemed silly to have a tote that could only hold one bag of groceries. The Baheel tote was fabulous for the price, a guilt-free purchase.

This tote is sturdy, and can hold up to 60 pounds. That limit was tested this weekend by our Costco trip, but was not a challenge for the Baheel tote. It comes with two over-the-shoulder straps, which as I was unboxing found confusing until I had to carry the tote full up the stairs, having two straps and connecting points helped to distribute the weight. The side mesh pocket was perfect to hold my phone and wallet, while keeping it easily accessible (I hate carrying my purse around if I can help it).

The one downfall I can find at this point is the straps, which might seem confusing but hear me out. I am carrying a bag full of cans and meat; that sucker is heavy. I have two straps to spread the weight out, but the straps aren’t padded. Granted, it’s not the end of the world to haul it from my car to the door, but a nice padded strap would make it unbelievable. I know that this would effect the cost of the product, but it would help me decide to order a second one. This is the only con. Honest, I can not think of another negative for this tote.


I am excited to continue to test the limits of my new tote, and possibly order another one for E’s truck as well. Please check it out on Amazon here. (

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