what name do you write under?

Whether it’s before you even pick up a pen to write something, or as you are trying to hit publish. At some point in your process, you will face the daunting task to choose your writing name. Will you write under your actual name or determine a pen name?

I had an exceptionally difficult time with this. I wasn’t ready to let anyone know that I was putting words on a page. But I wasn’t ashamed of what I was doing; I just didn’t want anyone to ever know that I was responsible for the work. I was proud of pushing through, finishing a piece, but I could never tell a soul that the words they were reading were mine. The internal battle rose from the minute I started. And wasn’t finished the first time I put something up.

I had to come to a concrete conclusion. I gave myself a deadline, made the pro-con list, and determined. I needed to be proud to show the work that I was doing, if I couldn’t be, then it was not worth publishing. I am getting married; getting started with one name and swapping to another would only confuse and minimize my audience. I am done letting other people’s opinions stop myself from moving forward. I had spent enough time with self doubt.

I chose to write under my future married name. I was not going to be ashamed of who I am or how I get there. I determined that my anxiety of others’ opinions of me would not hold me back any longer. It was a leap that I hadn’t announced, but here you have it. I have chosen to pursue writing, and I’m not going to take no for an answer.

How did you choose your name for the public?

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