what does your desk look like?

Writing means having a space for your self. Writing means stepping from reality to create your own world. In order to do that, you have to find a system that works for you. No one is the same, one person needs to get out of their house all together to make the magic happen. The next person is satisfied with headphones and their laptop. One will work until 3 am and the next starts at 3 am and is in bed by 7 pm.

I make work with what I have. Our apartment is limited in space. I don’t have a desk. The last bit of flat surface has my printer and sewing machine balanced on it. But I make do. I have found my system. On Sundays, I get out my house and meet up with my writing partner in crime, Matthew Chase, to get out of our houses and change mindsets, collaborate, talk about our writing strengths and weaknesses, and challenge our writing comfort zones. I love to write at home, in the comfort of my couch, I have created worlds and outlines. I can curl up under a blanket. Check in with my characters and tell their story. I put my headphones on and just write. Writing at home doesn’t require pants or a bra like the local coffee shop does.

But I’m curious, what does your creative space look like? Are you organized or are there papers thrown about and your computer is tottering precariously on the edge? Comment with a picture and how how you work best!

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