keeping your writing stats – FREE DOWNLOAD!

I am a statistic nerd. I like to have spreadsheets for EVERYTHING. I seriously have an Excel spreadsheet for the books I buy. In order that I bought the book. The date that I read them. The platform I have it on.

But my OCD aside, I have an actually useful spreadsheet if you are looking for something to help you see the time of day you are most successful. Or, if there is a length of time that you ultimately become useless. I have one for each book I am working on right now. It takes in time, beginning and end word count and gives you your words per minute.


Disclaimer: I would love to tell you that I use it diligently, but unfortunately, my computer can not handle me having Scrivener, the internet and Excel at the same time. I am using a hand me down computer and dealing with it. It is ancient and can not keep up with everything I need it to do.

You should not be turned off by this. Please.  I love this spreadsheet and would like to use it more often. I am trying to clean up my laptop and speed a few things up.  I want to help you succeed and be as productive as possible.

Here is one sheet, with the formulas all plugged it. Take it and flourish.

I want to know what you use to help your successes in the writing world. So please drop a comment!

Click to Download Spreadsheet!


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