where the story takes you.

I will not claim to know much about the writing world. But there are a few things I have added in my knowledge binder. The biggest hurdle for me is pushing my story forward. With my most recent project, I started at one point, moving away and starting over, only to realize that I didn’t know enough about Alice’s backstory yet. So, what was supposed to be for my benefit only, I began to write out her story, what drove her to leave, why she is as quirky as she is. Again, this was supposed to be like a 500 word prologue, still drafting but it is almost 5,000 words. This has been one of the most frustrating experiences in my writing journey. I want to move forward, to have a finished project and I’m stuck. theladyblack

I refused to be discouraged. I should be finishing up her renovation and Alice is supposed to be falling in love by now. Instead, she is still at home, living with her parents and getting in over her head. But this is who she is, people need to know her.

Don’t let your backtracking dissuade you. Even if you are behind in the story line, let the words flow. Tell the whole story, you may or may not keep it or get the beginning published. But for me, I have gotten to know Alice on a whole new level.  I feel like I will be better prepared to tell her present day story, because I know every drive that she has, I have learned her insecurities and her victories. So when she does move out and grow up, she will not be lost. I needed to backtrack to properly represent her and show the world her heart.

Now I can move forward. It may have been a few steps back, but I am stronger for it. Her back story may still only be for me or it might be greater than I could have even expected.


What do you do in your writing process that can frustrate you?

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