Join me, Abigail (almost) Ude, on my adventures and tears as I enjoy life in Montana, dabble in working at home, raising my French Bulldog Jessi, and finding joy in the few silent moments. 

Ultimately, I hope people will read my writing someday. Maybe on their tablet, but hopefully in a true honest to goodness book.

My passion does not stop there. I love to design and create, and luckily, E loves to build. We have started a small Etsy shop selling custom art. Please feel free to check out www.etsy.nailedbyude.com to see more of what we do.

Even more exciting news: E and I will be bringing Jessi, our baby Frenchie home right around Christmas. Bringing home puppy is a long time coming, several breeders later, and some perfect timing. We can not wait to have someone new to dote on (read: Abigail is incredibly excited that she has talked of nothing since Jessi was born; E won’t really care until she is home and his to hold).